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How to get to Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov
Written by Tomas

Cesky Krumlov or Český Krumlov is small city with population around 14 000. City is located in South Bohemia Region and has castle is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Into Cesky Krumlov you can get by train, bus or shuttle bus. In this article we will show you all advantages and disadvantages for each option. So if you planning to get to Cesky Krumlov, choice is yours.

Cesky krumlov at night

Cesky krumlov at night

1. Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus is transportation provided by private companies. Also driver has a accommodation tips in Cesky Krumlov and can get discount for you. Do not forget to ask!

Advantages: fast, comfortable, pick up in front of your hotel and drop wherever you want, transform to sightseeing trip, group discounts
Disadvantages: higher price

One of the companies what can get you to Cesky Krumlov is Czechshuttle. With Czechshuttle you can go to Cesky Krumlov from this cities:

2. Bus

Everyone knows how it looks like to travell with bus. Cesky Krumlov has as you can see on map bus station in town ceter. By walk it is around 10 minut to get to historic center.

Advantages: lower price
Disadvantages: slow, need to get to station with all backpacks

3. Train

Another public trasportation option is train. For our three options is train the worst way how to get to Cesky Krumlov. Train station in Cesky Krumlov is located at the edge of town and by walk it is around 30 minut to get to historic center.

Advantages: comfortable
Disadvantages: extremely slow, need to get to station with all backpacks

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