GEOFUN – mobile app

Written by Bara

GEOFUN is a sophisticated mobile applications for smartphones with Android and iOS. This app makes a fun and competitive form of the most interesting places in the region. The game is based on the popular geocaching, but its nature is much more action and adventurous. Basically it is a fun game geolocation new generation, which is not enough just to find a place “to check in,” but within it to perform various tasks that guide you communicate during the game. They guide is always someone local who knows city or region perfectly.

For your easier start let me give you simple nstructions to start the game.  Take your smart phone and download the free application – GEOFUN (Play Store, AppStore). After installation and quick registration find game Telcske stories. Download it into your smartphone. From now you don´t need Internet connection, just come with app started on place where game beggins. Applications are based on your GPS coordinates will know that you are in the right place and the whole adventure can begin.

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